C l o u d 0

A cloud related to cloud7 made of origami and colored like the ocean, BySinsel

N e o n F o l d

This form of origami is inspired by modern folding arts, BySinsel.

M ö b i u s

This lamp is based on a mathematical form, the Möbius band. When you follow the loop you never can find the and of it, BySinsel.

A l p s

The alps has two faces. From the front it looks like a flat painting, but as soon as you walk around it the painting turns into a mountain range, BySinsel.

C l o u d 7

A big cloud made by origami. Formed by the will of the cardboard, BySinsel.

4 H e a d

4 Head is a cubist candlestick. It is designed so that the candles are positioned in multiple dimensions, BySinsel.

A n d e s

Andes is a mountain that is made from a colour chart. Every plane has its own color and becomes alive when there is a interaction between you and the mountains, BySinsel.

E t n a

Etna is based on a volcanic eruption by the sea. When you see it in real life you want to touch it, BySinsel.

3 - D

C o l o u r d

This painting has a different colour in each angle where you look. It has the colors of 3-D glasses, BySinsel.

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