Dutch Design Week

The Facebook Datashield – Controlling the Facebook algorithm

DDW 2022

Sara Colombo presented my research project to the board of Design United (4TU research center for design) to present my project at their booth at DDW 2022 with a positive result. Adjustments were made (hardware and software) and a new research project was conducted during the week in collaboration with Anniek Jansen. Visitors to the DDW could interact with the installation, and that data was collected for further research.

Personal development

This project was executed during the first quartile of my FMP. It was a multidisciplinary process covering all the experience areas. I improved my skills in presenting, designing, and evaluating hypotheses. This project intersects with my professional identity in terms of public discussion starters. In addition to being a tool for conducting research, this installation creates user awareness in terms of confronting the kind of data that tech companies can obtain from users. This was confirmed by several participants.