FMP project

An interactive installation about fairness in Machine Learning with a spatial museum approach

Entanglement in Machine Learning

My final master’s project is about fairness in machine learning with a spatial museum approach in the body of an installation. The aim of the installation is to create awareness about this challenging topic in our society. The installation tries to engage the user and thereby initiate a debate.

Personal development

This project is a compilation of all the different types of skills I have developed over the past two years during my master’s program. The project tells a story about a social challenge that aligns with my professional identity and vision, using methods that inspire me and that I believe unravel the challenge. During the process of this project, I encountered several difficulties in conveying the information to the user. After all, a complex topic had to be translated into something understandable and inspiring to a non-expert. I will continue with this project and place the installation at the next DDW in 2023. This will probably result in new adaptations of the concept.