Creativity and aesthetics of data & AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly applied in products and services, which we use in conscious and unconscious applications in our society. But for the general user, it is often unclear what AI systems are and how they really work, which makes them seem like a mystery. This project aims to serve as an exploration to;
● Designing a prototype that will give users a better understanding of how AI systems work in an unconventional form.
● Application of speculative design in new aesthetics, telling the story that the AI also wants to learn to experience human interaction, in the form of a video to start the debate.
● If physical interaction between user and AI could improve cooperation
This pictorial describes the exploration and concept development of SENS.AI, a shape-changing embodied AI which allows for collaborative human-machine interaction to understand and explore different haptic outputs of affection.water stress combined with population density. We explored a massive NASA dataset to create a 3D map of population density in combination with lenses projecting red spots on cities. We were shortlisted in the famous IIB awards in the top 10 of the category of Places, Spaces & Environment and visited the event.

Personal development

I enrolled in this elective to gain insight into how to connect the field of aesthetics with AI as a source of inspiration, since this topic would be leading in my FMP. Looking back on this project, I can say that some of the ideas of my FMP have their origins in this elective, for example, the design implementation of the black origami elements. Additional insight was my desire to make AI alive with motion, which is also reflected to some extent in my FMP. For me, this elective was a cross between “math, data and computer science” and “creativity and aesthetics” combined with “technology and realization.” Again, we can see that these areas of expertise function like an orchestra and cannot be separated.

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