Certain Uncertainty
datavis project

Data physicalization project of water stress in cities all over the word concerning population destiny 

nominated for IIB 2022

Certain Uncertainty

This project is a spin-off from the internship at the HDI lab, where I worked on a project on a data visualization of climate change. I worked closely with Kay Schröder (professor of data visualization) on a data visualization on global water stress in combination with population density. We examined a huge NASA dataset to create a 3D map of population density, combined with lenses that project red spots on cities. We were shortlisted for the famed IIB awards, i.e. in the top 10 of the Places, Spaces & Environment category, and attended the event in Washington DC.

Personal development

During this project, I developed new manufacturing skills, such as CNC milling. We worked on this project for over a year with different concepts and iterations of the design process. This project interfaces with almost all areas of expertise, but especially the two most important to me, by applying multiple technologies and going through different design processes. Working on this type of project is how I see myself as a future designer.