datavis project

Data physicalization project of water stress in cities all over the word concerning population destiny 

Nominated for IIB 2022


As an open project for my M2.1, I chose to do an internship at an HDI lab in Heerlen. This project is about visualising data in the context of the societal challenge of climate change. This project involved collecting data, organising, processing, applying multiple design methods and giving workshops to fourth-year applied science students. In the end, I designed three concepts in Houdini (3D animation software) based on different design principles.

Personal development

The reason I chose to participate in this company as a designer and carry out this assignment was because of the opportunity to improve my data analytical skills and gain experience in 3D animation. There was also an opportunity to get involved in lectures the lab gave to ICT students, where I could evaluate my designs in the form of workshops. I wanted to further develop my skills to become proficient in making constructive design decisions.