Students in LED
Data physicalization

Data physicalization project of student growth at Maastricht University, including past present and future

Students in LED

This project was carried out under the auspices of my own company and commissioned by Maastricht University. The Faculty of Science and Engineering wanted an installation in the corridor of their human resources department, which had to be aesthetically satisfying and tell a story about the history of their faculty. I designed and constructed a dataphysicalisation of the various bachelor and master programmes and the growth they experienced in student numbers.

Personal development

In this project, the challenge was to translate the wishes of the board (multiple members with different needs and requirements) into a satisfactory design. Numerous meetings were held as an iteration process which finally resulted in a design that met the criteria. The skills I acquired in this process can be related to “business and entrepreneurship”. I had to listen to different stakeholders who all had to be satisfied with the concept.